With God In Russia

With God In Russia
by Fr. Walter J. Ciszek, S.J.


Father Walter Ciszek, S.J., author of the best-selling He Leadeth Me,tells here the gripping, astounding story of his twenty-three years in Russian prison camps in Siberia, how he was falsely imprisoned as an "American spy", the incredible rigors of daily life as a prisoner, and his extraordinary faith in God and commitment to his priestly vows and vocation. He said Mass under cover, in constant danger of death. He heard confession of hundreds who could have betrayed him; he aided spiritually many who could have gained by exposing him.

Fr. Ciszek's books have been translated into many different languages including English, Polish, Italian, French, Dutch, German and Korean.


"On the way down from Medvierskaya, however, the taxi got stuck in the snowstorm, and I was two hours late for my appointment in Norilsk. Afterward I started back to Medvierskaya. The taxi driver thought I was crazy and would take me only part way up the mountain. I had to climb the rest of the way on foot. I arrived at the house at 2 A.M., but the family was still waiting up for me [to baptize their child]. The worst of it all was that this was a Saturday night. It was 5 A.M. before I made it back to Norilsk on foot, just in time to begin hearing confessions for the Sunday Masses."

"I was so busy that winter, in fact, that I never lit the stove in my bolok [shanty]. When I was home at all, I simply plugged in the electric burner and used it for both heating and for what little cooking I did. During this winter, too, my sisters wrote to tell me they had contacted the State Department and that the American Embassy in Moscow would make efforts to get me out of Russia. The idea excited me momentarily, but I hardly gave it much thought. I felt I was destined to spend my life doing what I could for my "flock" here in Russia who, as our Lord had said, were like sheep without a shepherd. Let the KGB do what they "must". The Lord was my shepherd. He had proven that."

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