The Second Phase

The process begins with a Congregation official examining both the testimony given by the witnesses and all the evidence contained within the documents.

The Congregation appoints a Relator whose responsibility will be to oversee the preparation of a Positio (study) of the life and virtues of Father Walter J. Ciszek SJ.

Finally, the theologians of the Congregation will consider the theological aspects of the Cause.  They will be presented to the Cardinals and Bishops who are members of the Congregation.

If everything meets with their approval, the results of their study will be submitted to the Holy Father.  It is his decision as to whether Father Walter J. Ciszek lived a life of heroic virtue.  If that position is positive, Father Ciszek will be given the title, VENERABLE.

The Congregation will then wait for the results of investigation of two miracles.  When first miracle is accepted, Father Walter J. Ciszek will be beatified and be given the title, BLESSED.

With the acceptance of the second miracle, Father Ciszek will be canonized and be declared a SAINT.

Please contact Rev. Eugene P. Ritz, Postulator at to report the investigation of a miracle.